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Sky-Shop to idealna platforma do prowadzenia sklepu internetowego, dropshippingu i sprzedaży na Allegro.
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Oszczędzaj, wybierając dłuższy okres abonamentu.  Przy płatności za 1 rok otrzymasz dodatkowo 1 miesiąc gratis.
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Pakiet idealny dla Allegrowiczów i Dropshippingu
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Plan details
Number of products 15 000 75 000 125 000
Commission on the sale 0% 0% Lack
Number of administrators 3 10 20
Make free integration
Kup na Ceneo - Integracja dwukierunkowa
Mobile App - (New)
Email accounts 2 3 4
Numbere of languages and currencies The default language is English and it can not be deleted. You can change the language in your online store by editing it manually). Software has a built-in translator that translates only the content of an administration panel. Only English and EUR 3 6
Kreator szablonu sklepu - 70 darmowych modułów
Free technical support Helpline, e-mail Helpline, e-mail Helpline, e-mail
Server for store and domain
RWD store template
Free store migration
Free store migration applies to selected shopping platforms. Free transfer is applied only when paying for a year in advance. In any other case, the migration process is paid - Please contact us before making a purchase to determine the conditions, details and the possibility of transferring the store.
SSL certificate included w cenie Certyfikat SSL jest instalowany dla sklepów które wykupiły abonament na okres 1 roku. Certyfikat SSL ma ważność 1 roku i po roku jest odnawiany bezpłatnie w przypadku zakupu abonamentu który oferuje go w cenie. Wartość Certyfikatu SSL to 190 zł Certyfikat SSL jest instalowany dla sklepów które wykupiły abonament na okres 1 roku. Certyfikat SSL ma ważność 1 roku i po roku jest odnawiany bezpłatnie w przypadku zakupu abonamentu który oferuje go w cenie. Wartość Certyfikatu SSL to 190 zł
External integrations
GDPR compliant
SpeedCache and HTTP / 2 protocol - Fast store operation
Product of the day
Loyalty programm
Discount Groups
Monitoring of abandoned baskets
Sales Reports
  • * 1 miesiąc gratis otrzymuje sklep który zostanie opłacony do 7 dni od jego założenia, przy płatności za rok z góry
  • ** Pierwsza płatność możliwa za minimum kwartał
  • *** Promocja czasowa na pakiety abonamentowe obowiązuje przy płatności za rok z góry przy pierwszej płatności za sklep
Więcej informacji o pakietach
Store updates Monitoring store stability 24/7 Editing text content Store history Managing administrator privileges Synchronization with the exchange rate Various time zone support Own JavaScript code Monthly WebAPI usage Up to 100 000 requests Up to 500 000 requests Up to 1 000 000 requests File management Sell of digital files Starting fee 0 € 0 € 0 € Login via Facebook Data transfer 500 1 000 2 000 Hosting and domain Hosting and domain Store domain with Offerer (store Own domain registration Ability to create a subdomain Hosting of the store in Cloud technology Data Backup - 1x a day Backup orders - in real time SSL certificate in the admin panel E-mail boxes in the store domain (Offerer Mail) 2 3 4 SpeedCache and HTTP / 2 protocol - Fast store operation The use of SpeedCache technology on the server infrastructure of the store speeds up the operation and allows loading store much faster. The use of SpeedCache technology and the HTTP / 2 protocol on the server infrastructure of the store, accelerates the operation and loads the store much faster. Supported HTTP / 2 protocol The use of the new HTTP / 2 protocol on the server infrastructure causes the store to be accelerated many times SSL certificate included SSL certificate included The SSL certificate is valid for 1 year and after one year it is renewed free of charge if you purchase a package that includes SSL. External SSL Certificate installation Yes - installation cost € 99 net Yes - installation cost € 99 net Yes - installation cost € 99 net GDPR compliant GDPR compliant Free Agreement of the Entrustment of Personal Data Processing 'The right to be forgotten'-The ability to delete all customer data from the store Access to your data - the customer can download all his data in XML format Information bar about Cookies / Privacy policy Collecting marketing approvals for archives Collecting marketing approvals to archives (registration. orders) Newsletter - Collection of approvals in the Double Opt-in model In the Double Opt-In model, the collection of consents is as follows: After entering the e-mail address in the form, an e-mail with a confirmation link is sent to the subscriber. Only after clicking on this link the subscriber is saved to the database. Collection of consents in the "Double Opt-in" model complies with European law. This model gives you confidence that the subscriber has consented to receive newsletters from you. Art. 24. 1 of the Providing Services by Electronic Means of July 18, 2002, says: "The one, who transmits by electronic communications means unsolicited commercial information, shall be liable to fine. " Products Full product management Watermark for products Free gratis products Storage of additional parameters Export of products to the Excel, CSV, HTML, XML Import of products from files compatible with our formatting Notifications about low stock levels Sell in any unit of measure Price display (package, one item) Various VAT rates Generating a PDF offer (on a product card in the cart) Opinions and product evaluations Orders, invoices and e-mails Full order service Export of orders to Excel, CSV, HTML, XML PDF documents of orders Receipts without VAT VAT Invoice Proforma Invoice Issuing a new invoice manually List of invoices and export to Excel, CSV, HTML, XML Automatic emails with statuses and documents (PDF, FVAT) The ability to edit the content of all automatic emails Sell of digital files Sell all formats files Automatic emails to the customers Secure files storage Setting download limit Setting maximum time to download files Setting maximum number of file downloads Disc space limit for files (including digital files) - not applicable to product images 2GB 10GB 30GB Marketing tools and clients Store statistics Newsletter - monthly limit 2000 4000 10 000 SMS Notifications and SMS gateways Name of the SMS sender SEO store settings Shopping Comparison Engines Online customer monitoring Product of the day Discount codes Customer groups Reports from customers Monitoring of abandoned carts Sales reports Graphics and store design Store template creator Mobile store (RWD) Pop-up window-notification Pop-up window-Newsletter You have to purchase module You have to purchase module You have to purchase module CMS and store layout Personalized Design Services Yes - Check our offer Yes - Check our offer Yes - Check our offer Integrations with couriers and forwarders InPost Couriers InPost Parcel lockers Royal Mail DHL DPD GLS Geis FedEx UPS Payment gateway and installment systems Payment method - bank transfer Accounting and ERP systems Mini Offerer accounting External integration of ERP systems with Offerer Check Check Check Other Marketing and tools Check Check Check
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